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Resources for Families

New Hampshire families can protect themselves by working together to be prepared before an emergency or disaster strikes. Using the idea of Stay.Leave. Connect, it's easy to make a plan and gather the supplies needed.

Children of all ages can help adults prepare. Involving children will help make emergencies less frightening and encourage them to make the right decisions to protect themselves. See Resources for Kids for more information and fun activities for children!

Don't forget your pet! If you decide to stay put in an emergency, or evacuate to a safer location, you will need a plan to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Members of your family who have special or medical needs may need some supplies, medications, or assistance that you should plan for in advance. Also, think about whether any of your neighbors may need your help in an emergency. See Resources for People with Functional Needs for more information about emergency planning for people with medical or special needs.

Every household has different needs and challenges. But by using the Stay.Leave.Connect. approach, every family can make the plans they need to stay safe in the event of a minor emergency or a major disaster.

Emergency Planning for Pets and other Animals

Coping and Stress Management

Food Safety

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