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Emergency Kits

In a disaster there is no time to get ready. Get ready now by taking the essential step of preparing your emergency kit.

photo of emergency kit checklist

Take Action – Complete Your Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit contains basic items you and your family may need if an emergency happens. When a disaster hits, your family will depend on you. Take the first step towards getting ready to protect yourself and your family: prepare an emergency kit. At a minimum, plan to have at least a 3-day supply of food, water and medicine.

It is important to remember to review the content of your kit on a regular basis. Some items can expire – like bottled water. Taking action means checking your kit and exchanging these items for fresh supplies. You can always swap out supplies before they expire and use them for lunch or dinner.

Don't forget:


Update your emergency kit to include:

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Soap

  • Cleaning supplies to disinfect surfaces

  • Cloth face coverings for every member of your household

Be Safe!

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